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Enabling people to effortlessly navigate their city


How does a city transport agency encourage a car-centric culture to consider and engage with alternative modes of transport?


The Challenge

The Approach

‘Finding Your Way’ was a project led by Thoughtfull that aimed to connect Aucklanders with their city, to inform its many newcomers, to facilitate traversing it, and to encourage adventures within it.

The project makes Auckland an easier city to navigate and enjoy, whether you have a lot or a little time to explore on foot, while biking, taking the train, or even while driving your car.

Thoughtfull led Auckland Transport through two key phases of the design process. During the Research phase, we uncovered how today’s Aucklanders’ currently navigate the city across all modes of transportation. In the Envision phase we developed a new systems of tools and artefacts to enable better navigation throughout the City.

The new system was built on a number of key elements:  

  1. a mental model of the city that was simple and easy to remember,
  2. a city-wide naming convention that brings clarity and consistency to a previously fragmented naming convention,
  3. a unified cross-city, cross-agency mapping resource that enables all users to source a map that meets their agency needs from ‘one’ master mapping database while simultaneously delivering consistent mapping language for all users,
  4. a recognisable wayfinding language convention across all touchpoints to simplify user comprehension, and lastly,
  5. a range of physical and digital assets to ensure the system is present within the environment and always within hands-reach of all users.

The Outcome

The system is currently being rolled out across the city and integrated into each user touchpoint.