Morningstar / Product Validation

Finding undiscovered opportunities in a well-served market


How do you reduce risk of failure and build even greater confidence in a concept before you've built it?


The Challenge

Morningstar was looking to launch a new product into the investment market – initially within Australia and then globally.

The Approach

Before any solution design could commence, it was crucial to establish “a sound foundation of user insight” for the Morningstar project team. To ensure that there was enough clarity and evidence of a similar market need within Australia for a new investment solution, we looked to validate the current US-based needs analysis against the needs of Australian-based investors.

The Outcome

ThoughtFull led the Morningstar project team through a process that delivered a clear visualisation of the targeted users within the Australian market. We mapped their mindsets, behaviours, biases, pain-points and pleasure-points. This formed the foundation for the design team to build out the product.