NZ Post / Customer Experience

Winning over customers in a traditional industry


How does a major player in the parcel delivery industry respond to the real changes wrought by digital technologies?


The Challenge

NZ post has entered an unprecedented period of change. Shifts in digital technologies, channels and consumer behaviour are disrupting old business models and opening up new opportunities at a faster pace than ever before. 

Customers’ expectations in this space continue to grow with the decrease in traditional mail and exponential growth in online transactions resulting in more parcel delivery. Additionally, this growth results in online retailers actively seeking to partner with organisations who are able to integrate and elevate their online distribution processes to enable a more responsive approach. 

The challenge for NZ post in this environment is two-fold. Understanding and agreeing where value lies for customers in the sending and receiving experience. Secondly, how to respond with relevant and meaningful product and service offers in a coordinated and aligned manner across the business. 

The Approach

Like many organisations, a perspective on who the customer is and what they value has largely been driven through a commercial operational lens. NZ Post wanted to flip this on its head and a customer centric approach was taken. 

A number of design research methods were used. From ordering products and following their journey from the merchant through the distribution process to delivery, both internationally and locally, to spending time with courier drivers out on runs, in distribution centres understanding how parcels are sorted and most importantly spending time in people’s homes talking about their online ordering needs and behaviours.  

Learnings from all these activities were distilled into a set of insights clearly outlining the customer’s needs to be served, along with a defined set of sender user types and four parcel receiver modes that any new delivery experiences developed will need to respond to.

The Outcome

With an end to end parcel experience framework to align planning decisions and a common way to understand and talk about customers being defined as well as a valuable ongoing tool for all future planning and implementation, ThoughtFull was able to help NZ Post bring to life a set of new delivery experiences for both senders and receivers of parcels and prioritise these alongside currently planned initiatives.

The result, a future vision for an end to end delivery experience was built with clear direction around what NZ post should prioritise and why, resulting in a number of customer facing projects and initiatives being instigated.