Rainbow Springs / Customer Experience

Turning conservation into a hands-on visitor experience


How do you make conservation something more than an earnest obligation?


The Challenge

As part of a strategic review across its tourism businesses, Ngai Tahu Tourism engaged ThoughtFull to assess its existing proposition and visitor experience of their Rainbow Springs Nature Park.

The operation felt that its proposition and delivered experience had eroded over time.

The Approach

Through competitive analysis, deep visitor engagement, and collaborative stakeholder involvement, ThoughtFull identified a number of opportunity areas across the business that could be better defined, designed, and expressed. 



The solutions we envisioned encompassed a wide range of experiences, staged over a three-year roadmap to provide clarity for stakeholders, and enthusiasm among trade and retail customers. Brand proposition, visual identity, seasonal campaigns, staff training, new encounters, wayfinding and signage, as well as a master plan, were conceived to ensure ‘phase one’ of the vision of the park was realised.

The Outcome

Within weeks of launching new encounters over the summer season, the organization’s net promoter score increased significantly – as did staff morale and pride. ThoughtFull continues to work with NTT on the development of “phase two,” and will continue to play a role across all aspects of the park program, serving as design directors to ensure the

design vision and strategy are executed consistently, ensuring a quality experience across the multiple internal and external workstreams needed over the next three years.