Comfort Group / Business Design

Transforming the buying of a bed into an experience not a chore

How do you change the game to make buying a bed a pleasure?


The Problem

Comfort Group is the largest manufacturer of bedding in the southern hemisphere.The bedding category was under increasing pressure from a number of market forces, including the rising cost of real estate, a growing need to measure costs down to every square foot, and the increasing presence of low-cost imported products. This new business environment presented a perfect  opportunity for Comfort Group to take a fresh look across the business and see how it could better serve its customers within this new market environment.

The Solution

Comfort Group engaged ThoughtFull to help them explore alternative ways to better understand the market and respond with new and innovative solutions. ThoughtFull initially undertook a deep phase of research that we conducted across two streams. he first stream  ensured that  we had extracted sound insights into consumers, users, retailers and the wider market.The second stream enrolled the wider Comfort group executives in research to widen their own perspective on who they were serving from both a B2B and B2C perspective.

The insights extracted were then translated into a portfolio of possible solutions right across the end-to-end purchaser and user journey that were further developed, prototyped, and evaluated. 

Internal teams were built and tasked with product, service, or communication development building new levels of internal perspective, capability, and confidence at each stage.

The Outcome

The business has adopted new strategies, frameworks, and product concepts across the business and uses the insights extracted as a foundation of knowledge they test any activity against.