Centric™ is a three-step approach to help you assess and develop the discipline of customer centricity across your organisation. Unlocking value through taking the customer from an afterthought to the centre of your business.

Six Dimensions of Customer Centricity



How you listen to and build a deep understanding of the customer across the business


How the customer shows up within your business, product and market strategies


How your teams operate, collaborate and make decisions with the customer in mind


How you empower your people to become customer champions


How you design, build and deliver the products, services and experiences that your customers need and value


How you measure success and understand what matters most to your customer

The Centric™ Model

The Centric™ Methodology


your organisation

Build an understanding of customer centricity and why it is important to your business


your level of maturity

Understand how the customer is being considered across six key dimensions of your organisation and how this could be impacting the performance of your customer experience


with confidence

Finish with a clear understanding of what you need to do, who in the business you need to engage with and a programme of key activities that will help you to get started

Centric™ Archetypes

Customer centricity can look different for different businesses. There are four key archetypes that present most commonly - knowing which one you are is key to understanding how to leverage and grow the discipline in ways that best suit your organisation.


Catalyst Led

thoughtfull archetype map

A business with a strong leader or team who is driving the business to become more customer focused - leading with a strong vision

Air NZ
  • Charismatic and opinionated leaders
  • Leaders with high customer empathy 
  • Makes decisions on gut feel and quickly
  • Proactively reacts to opportunities 
  • Leads to the organisation being culture led if successful 

From 2004 to 2012 Rob Fyfe led Air New Zealand through a period of incredible transformation as the airline pioneered new seating designs (Skycouch), innovative selling experiences (Grabaseat) and world-leading marketing ideas (Bodypaint). Fyfe and the leadership team revitalised the airline from near bankruptcy to being named Airline of Year numerous times.


Culture Led

thoughtfull archetype map

A business that has built a strong cultural foundation that drives obsession around their customer as a core value

Z Energy
  • Customer is the starting point for decisions 
  • All staff have high customer empathy 
  • Customer stories are shared and celebrated 
  • Customer problems are prioritised over business problems
  • Success is how customers talk about the relationship with staff

TSB has won the Consumer NZ People’s Choice Award for Banking for seven years in a row. This outcome is the result of a relentless focus on serving its customers. The culture is driven right from the top with TSB’s purpose to ‘Unleash our unparalleled customer care for community good’. The purpose guides its decision making and the behaviours of the staff who truly believe in putting people first.


Design Led

thoughtfull archetype map

A business that leads with design as the core discipline built on a deep understanding of their customer needs and desires to design the best solution

Fisher & Paykel
Cooper & Co 
  • Customer needs drive design of experiences 
  • Systematic and considered approach to designing experiences
  • Attention to detail and quality 
  • Confidence in expressing a point of view 

Cooper & Co took on the revitalisation of a derelict part of downtown Auckland more than 10 years ago. The area had no name or identity and there was certainly no reason for anyone to go there. Design was used to create a purpose and a cohesive experience for the precinct, which became known as Britomart. The attention to detail in the choreographed experience extends across naming, wayfinding and marketing activations to the tenants that are selected to reside in the precinct. 


Brand Led

thoughtfull archetype map

A business that leads with a clear and amplified brand promise, using this as the central organising idea for the way they design and deliver experiences that align with what their customers expect from them

  • Expresses a clear point and consistent promise 
  • CX delivers on the brand promise 
  • Branded touchpoints are choreographed 
  • Looks for opportunities for the brand to add value to customers lives
  • Customers have a strong emotional connection to the organisation 
  • Unlocking value through taking the customer from an afterthought to the centre of your business

New Zealanders wanted to bank with Kiwibank but felt little affinity for the organisation other than the fact that it was New Zealand owned. This required a rethink about who the target audience was and the experiences it provided. The bank identified the ‘The Get Ahead’ customer, who has a desire to move forward, progress and has a ‘thriving’ mindset. This allowed the bank to focus on a new brand promise, enabling ‘Get Ahead’ Kiwis to thrive. The promise is now being communicated through brand campaigns and the development of new customer experiences (Co Own) resulting in New Zealanders now having a reason to emotionally connect with the bank. 

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The Value

Increases internal engagement around customer.

Uncovers where the strengths lie and understand how to leverage them.

Cut through the overwhelm and identify where to focus first.


“Coming new into a business, the ability to quickly get a clear and comprehensive view on the level of customer maturity within the organisation was critical. Centric™ gave me the clarity I needed to engage an executive team on the role of Customer Experience within the business, the journey that we needed to take and the team and capability we needed to invest in to get there”

—   Elena Farragher | GM, CX & UX | Kiwibank™